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Troubles and Beyond

The history of Northern Ireland from the late 1960s to the present day has been dominated by the civil and political conflict known as ‘the Troubles’ which resulted in the death of over 3,600 people. Tens of thousands were injured, and countless lives devastated. The Troubles’ impact was heightened by its duration, sectarian character, and intimacy, with much of the violence occurring within close-knit communities. This collection covers themes of politics and conflict, and the impact of both on everyday life, people and communities.

The traumatic events of the years after 1968 touched almost everyone who lived here and many others from further afield. Inevitably the interpretation of these events is contested in terms of significance, meaning and responsibility. While we have a shared past, we do not have a shared memory and it is through engaging with this collection that we have been able to encourage and open discussion that considers different viewpoints. The objects, photographs, political ephemera and artwork in the Troubles collection represent a wide range of experiences.

As with the Troubles and Beyond exhibition, the Troubles collection is not exclusively focussed on the conflict, but relates to contemporary history and therefore includes objects that represent our wider social, cultural and economic history. The collection is a dynamic one and it continues to be developed and refined.

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