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1765-1770 circa
1765-1770 circa
1770 circa


design : peach silk open robe, petticoat and buttoning compere trimmed with self frills and furbelows. From exhibition label early 2000s: Peach silk open robe, petticoat and stomacher with button trim, c.1765 It is unusual to have a complete outfit, including the stomacher survice. The stomacher was a flat triangular piece of cloth, often heavily decorated, with was pinned over the corset which would overwise have been visible between the bodice edges of the open robe. At this time, buttons were only used as trimming on women's dress, as here, except for costume inspired by male dress such as riding habits and travelling dress. The fabric is probably 'lutestring' silk, which would have cost about 25-30p per yard. At least 10 yards would have been needed so a considerable outlay was necessary for a new dress. From exhibition label, 'Reflections: Costume 1730-2013' This beautiful silk dress has simple but effective decorative frills on the edges and the petticoat. A robe like this consists of three pieces, which were assembled on to the wearer over her corset. As 'press-studs' and zips had not yet been invented, a costume needed to be pinned or sewn on by maid servants and a pin cushion was a necessary part of a lady's accessories.

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