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Evening Dress

Date Made

1915 circa
1915 circa


design : Embroidered black crepe over mide blue satin. From exhibition label early 2000s Worn by the Belfast writer and historian, the late Mary McNeill, this dress also shows the taste for strong colours, fashionable in the second decade of the 20th c, which was such a contrast to the early Edwardian pastels. 1. Around waist: 72cms 2. Around bust: 94cms (ref: bust to waist=15.5) 3. Around ribcage: 80cms 4. Bust point to bust point: 20cms (ref: bust to wasit = 15.5cms) 5. Shoulde pt to side waist: 32cms 6. Nape to back waist: approx 35cms 7. Across front: 37cms (ef: shoulder pt to front = 14cms) 8. Across back 37cms (ref: shoulder pt to back = 14cms) 9. Length of shoulde: 9cms 10. Front neckline to waist: 21cms 11. Back neckline to waist: 21.5cms 12. Length of arm/sleeve: Approx 48cms 13. Around waist/cuff: 23cms 14. Around bicpes: 15. Around forearm: 16. Around hip: 87.5 (ref: from waist = 8cm) 17. Around bottom: 103cms (ref: from waist = 20cms) 18. Front length of skirt: 96cm 19. Side length of skirt: 96cms 20. Back length of skirt: 96cms 21. Around hem of skirt: 128cms

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