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Object Name

Patrol Jacket


J. B. Johnstone Limited (Primary maker)

Date Made

late 20th century
late 20th century


This is the patrol jacket of a Captain of the Royal Irish Rifles. It is made from black cloth with a dark green collar and cuffs. The collar is edged all round with mohair braid and traced inside with black braid. The shoulder cords are of black braid plait with 3 blackened rank stars (Captain) and a small metal 'M', which indicates that the wearer was serving in one of the following militia battalions: 3rd North Down Rifles, 4th Antrim Rifles, or the 5th Royal South Down Light Infantry. The front is edged with black mohair braid, has five loops of black cord with a button on the inside and toggle and loop fastenings. There are also metal hooks and eyes down the front. The cuff has inch mohair braid traced with thin braid which ends in a crows foot and eye. The back seams are trimmed with inch mohair braid, traced on both sides with thin braid forming three eyes at the top, and two at the bottom. The slits are outlined with inch braid and thin braid forms eyes at the angles. On the back of the collar there is a tracing of thin braid 6 inches deep. The decoration at the bottom is called a crows foot and eye. The tailors label is named to 'H. Montgomery' and dated 25.3.96 (1896).


cloth, mohair, metal

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