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Object Name

Coat; Londonderry Militia Grenadier


Jones (buttons) (Primary maker)
Jones (buttons) (maker)

Date Made

c. 1796 - 1816
c. 1796 - 1816

Place Made

Republic of Ireland: County Dublin: Dublin


This Londonderry militia coatee is fashioned out of red cloth with yellow collar, lapels and cuffs. The stand up collar, which hooks at the throat, has gorget buttons on a line of fine braid. The lapel has gilt buttons arranged in five pairs and the buttonholes are outlined with braid. The epaulettes, which are of the 1796 wing type, are sewn on at the sleeve seam and buttoned at top. The small metal grenade in a ring at the junction of the chain designates this as a grenadier uniform. The round cuff has two pairs of buttons on the front. The tail which is slashed to the waist has a small white turnback at the front, dummy pocket flaps with white piping and two pairs of buttons. The pleat has white piping in one edge and four buttons. There is a concealed pocket on the left breast. The buttons are gilt and bear a castle with an inscribed ribbon inside. This style was worn from 1796 to about 1816 by which time the militia was being disembodied.


coat : cloth, buttons : gilt

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