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Militia Coatee

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Date Made

c. 1800
c. 1800

Place Made

Northern Ireland: County Tyrone: Clougher


This is a coatee of an unknown militia regiment. It is made out of red cloth and has a yellow collar, lapels and cuffs. The stand up collar has gorget buttons and hooks at the throat. There are ten buttons on each side down the front in pairs and the top four have embroidered loops. The epaulettes are of the late 18th century (wing) chain type with a braid outline and a fringe. The round cuff has four buttons on the front and is slashed. The dummy turnback starts at the waist and ends on the tail with a yellow heart decoration. There is a concealed pocket in the pleats on each side. The tail is slashed to the waist. The buttons are small size, silver, and bear the crowned 'G.R.' cypher. Militia jackets tended to be made from red or scarlett material, but different regiments chose different colours for their facings (collar, lapels, cuffs). However, due to the high number of militia regiments, there are quite a few regiments with similar colour combinations.


coat : cloth, buttons : silver

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