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Banner, Amalgamated Society of Painters & Decorators


A burgundy rectangle with blue border, red fringe on bottom Obverse:- At the top an ornate light brown scroll with silver & brown leaves and embellishments inscribed in dark brown `AMALGAMATED SOCIETY / OF PAINTERS & DECORATORS'. Under this a green disc with silver border, round which leaves and scrolls. In the centre a light blue shield, quartered, top left 3 white shields, top right a white chevron with 3 gold griffins heads, the bottom has these quarters reversed. The crest is a plumed helm surmounted by a Phoenix, the supporters are two white leopards? with gold collars and coronets. At the bottom a blue 3 piece scroll inscribed in black `AMOR / QUEAT / OBEDIENTIAM'. The bottom of the disc is light brown, inscribed `N. IRELAND AREA COMM / FORWARD TO / PROGRESS'. Reverse:- Similar to obverse, except that the centre is blue and bears a portrait of Robert Tressell, at the bottom in dark brown, `ROBERT TRESSELL / AUTHOR OF / `THE RAGGED TROUSERED / PHILANTROPHISTS'. (Published 1890).

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