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Military Tailed Long Coat

Object Name



Edw Jones & Son (Primary maker)

Date Made

early 19th century
early 19th century


Tailed Coat. Red cloth blue / black collar and cuffs. The stand up collar has a silver embroidered leafy decoration on each side. The gold wire epaulettes have a gilt button at the top, and coiled fringing at the ends. The cuff is dipped on the front and decorated with an ornament similar to the collar, with a gilt button in the middle. There are 3 braid stripes, with buttons in the middle. Down the front 9 buttons and buttonholes, on lengths of braid. The dummy turnback shows white and on the tails an ornament similar to collar and cuff but on a dark cloth shape. Each tail has 4 braid decorations with buttons in the middle, two pleats from the waist to turnback contain the concealed pocket. There are 3 buttons in the pleast, 1 missing on the right side. Lined throughout with white linen. Buttons - gilt, flat, on an outer ribbon, in which a crown surrounded by shamrocks.


cloth & gilt

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