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Object Name

Coat; Londonderry Militia


Jones, E. (Primary maker)
Jones, E. (maker of buttons)

Date Made

c. 1800
c. 1800


This coatee belonged to an officer of the Londonderry Militia. A coatee is a style of jacket that is short at the front and has long tails at the back. Coatees were worn from the 1790s to the 1850s, although dates may vary. The jacket bears the colours of the Londonderry militia, red with yellow cuffs and collar. It fastens all the way to the waist. This means it can be dated to post 1796, before which date coatees were only fastened at the top. The buttons are gilt with "Londonderry M" inscribed on them and show a castle in the middle. There are 8 buttons on the single breasted front, with braid on each side. There is visible stitching on the shoulders, where the epaulette was attached. There are two dummy pockets at the back. The actual pocket is concealed in the pleat on the tail, which has two buttons in the middle, one at the top on the waist each side. The tails are red and white with a decorative button in a yellow circle. There is no maker's name given, except for on the small gorget buttons on the collar, which are made by "E. JONES DUBLIN".


cloth (wool, linen) & gilt

Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Antrim: Belfast

Catalogue Number



National Museums NI
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