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Object Name

Pot : urn : encrusted


Pot : urn : encrusted Rim bevelled slightly inwards and decorated with criss-cross pattern. Upper area of the rim is decorated with short obliquely arranged lines. Immediately under the rim lies the only zone of encrusted ornament on this vessel. It is a simple arrangement of bosses placed within a running chevron. A whipped cord motif is used to fill in the blank areas. This same whipped cord motif in a vertical position is found in three successive bands of decoration. These zones are divided by a pair of grooves also made by whipped cord impressions. The lower region of the vessel is decorated with a wide criss-cross pattern. The ware is smooth and where it is possible to see the colour is a light pink/buff (there appears to be a dark coating of some substance over the external area and internally the surface is covered with a light skim of plaster-of-paris).



Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Antrim: Craigarogan

Date Collected

April 1914
April 1914

Catalogue Number



National Museums NI