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Object Name

Pot : urn : encrusted


Pot : urn : encrusted This is a large vessel, decorated over its total area with applied ornament. The rim is bevelled inwardly and arranged in tiers. These are decorated with short incised lines arranged to form a herring-bone pattern. Externally the rim area is marked with short oblique lines. In a broad band between the rim and the shoulder area a running chevron pattern is repeated four times. Within the area created by the last chevron and the following delimiting cordon, a pair of hollow discs are placed, separated by a broad rib. This is followed by two zones of running chevrons divided by applied cordons. The lower half of the vessel is covered in applied strips arranged in a haphazard lozenge pattern. All the encrusted decoration is deeply slashed, and scored lines are used as background decoration. The ware is coarse and compact, varying in colour from pink to buff. The rim is blackened.



Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Down
Northern Ireland
County Down

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National Museums NI