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Object Name

Pot : food vessel : pygmy cup


Pot : food vessel : pygmy cup Biconical Cup. Steep internal rim bevel decorated with lozenge pattern in twisted cord. Distinct shoulder mid-way down vessel. Decoration from rim to shoulder with sets of diagonal lines arranged in alternate directions executed in twisted cord. On the lower half very faint diagonal strokes appear to have been executed with cord. Ware thick particularly at base. Surface very worn. Red to buff in colour. Biconcial Cup. Small vessel with internally bevelled rim, rounded shoulder and slightly recessed base. Decorated all over with incised motifs. Arranged in two principal zones; on the upper half in oblique panels filled with either diagonal strokes or triangles while on the lower with a double chevron. Narrow blank zone on the shoulder separated these two designs. A pair of perforations occurs in this blank zone. Base is decorated with a single incised circle. Ware hard and fine, grey in colour.



Place Collected

[Northern Ireland: County Antrim: Ballymacilroy]

Catalogue Number



National Museums NI