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Pot : urn : cordoned


Pot : cordoned This is a large vessel and while it is without the characteristic applied cordons a similar effect is achieved by grooving with whipped cord impressions on either side of a raised ridge. This technique is used three times on the upper half of the vessel and produces 'false cordons' in positions where applied cordons would normally be found. The rim has a very slight outward bevel. Internally a single row of whipped cord is placed just under the lip and this is repeated externally while the flat surface on top has similar decoration. The major external decoration, using the same tight whipped cord impression, takes the form of triangles arranged in panels with their apexes meeting in alternate panels vertically and horizontally. This single zone of decoration is placed between the first and second 'cordon', leaving the remainder of the vessel, except of the third 'cordon' blank. It is a well-made and skilfully decorated specimen. The ware has a crackled, corkey surface and is highly burnished in places. It is buff in the lower region becoming dark grey to black on the upper third of the pot.

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