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Object Name

Pot : urn : encrusted


Pot : urn : encrusted Small urn of narrow proportions. Rim bevelled internally, and decorated with two rows of short oblique strokes. Externally this pattern is repeated in two rows, followed by an applied running chevron of unusually small size, delimited by a cordon. Between this pattern and a second cordon a broader spaced applied chevron is placed. This meets with a third variation of the chevron to produce a lozenge effect, with the cordon running through either the lozenge or dividing the two chevrons. A final cordon in very low relief terminates the encrusted design. The remaining two-thirds of the vessel is decorated with lightly incised chevron patterns petering out towards the basal area. Short strokes and incised lines are used to fill in the background to the applied decoration. The ware is coarse and thin for this class of vessel. The colour is buff.



Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Down
County Down

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National Museums NI