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Object Name

Pot : urn : cordoned


Pot : urn : cordoned. Three cordons encircle this vessel. The rim is plain and flat on top. There is no apparent internal decoration, but as there is an internal application of plaster of Paris, these details and the section of the vessel cannot be accurately established. Decoration externally occurs between the rim and first cordon where it takes the form of oblique lines placed between two horizontal rows all in very fine twisted cord. The area between the first and second cordon is decorated by means of a double chevron the inner portion of which is filled, along with the apex of the chevron. This design is laid out in such a way as to produce exactly the same effect when the vessel is inverted. The centre of the motif is intersected by a single row of cord. All of the decoration on this vessel is carried out in impressed twisted cord. The ware has a sandy quality. It is not, however, a coarse fabric. It is buff to grey in colour.



Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Tyrone: Ballygawley

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National Museums NI