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Pot : urn : encrusted


Pot : encrusted Rim bevelled inwardly and arranged in two tiers. Decoration occurring only on the upper level in a series of short oblique strokes used haphazardly. The same stroke motif is used on the upper surface of the rim and externally immediately below it. A row of carelessly applied bosses delimited by a cordon follows. The background to the bosses is filled in with oblique grooves overlapping with the cordon and bosses in places. Portions of the applied cordon have fallen away revealing the method of application, which was first to make a shallow groove and then fit the strip into the hollowed-out area. Where the strip has become detached a neat groove is exposed. On an isolated sherd this could be mistaken for the intended final appearance. The design continues with a groove from which is suspended a series of applied individual loops, within each of which is placed a rib. Ribs are also interspaced between the loops. While occasionally these spaces are left empty, they can also contain a pair of ribs. The background to this zones is filled in with deep scored lines. Between this pattern and a final cordon applied two-thirds of the way down, is a careless diagonal arrangement of wide but shallow grooves apparently attempting to create a relief effect. Here and there in these grooves traces of a whipped cord motif may be seen. The lower area of the vessel is filled in with lightly incised, obliquely set lines. The base is splayed. The ware is coarse and heavily gritted. Some of the filler has become dislodged giving a pitted appearance to the surface. In colour it ranges over bright orange to shades of buff with occasional blackening.



Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Antrim: Crumlin

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National Museums NI