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Military coat (Yeomanry)

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c. 1790
c. 1790


Red cloth with blue gorget patches, lapels, shoulder straps, wings and cuffs. Lined throughout. The stand-up collar has white piping on the front edges, as have the gorget patches, the lapels, cuffs and wings. On the lapels 4 pairs of buttons. The coat is closed by two hook and eye fasteners on the crest. There is a short dummy turn back piped with blue, and decorated with a blue heart edged with red. The shoulder strap is rounded at each end, edged with overlaping rings, a metal cresent at the lower end. The strap is attached by a narrow strap which goes through a loop on the shoulder and buttons at the top. The left hand one is missing. On the sleeve seams wings are set in. The cuff is pointed on the front seam, slashed at the back with 3 buttons. At the back sweam 2 pleats have 3 buttons each, the centre seam is slashed from the waist. Pockets inside tails. The buttons are silver plated copper, on a ribbon an inscription "King and Country", inside this a crowned maid of Erin. No makers name.


coat : cloth, buttons : silver plated copper

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