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"The Goddess of Doorga"

Object Name

Painting on glass


In centre a four armed figure seated on the back of a lion, which is standing on an elephant; a female figure each side; background blue The original record of 1914 names this painting 'The Goddess of Doorga'. It shows the Hindu deity, Durga, with two female attendants. The vehicle for this deity is a lion (or sometimes a tiger.) Here she is depicted wearing a red robe and in a four armed form. Her upper right hand holds a chakra, her upper left a bow. Her lower right hand holds a quiver, her lower left a lotus. She wears a diadem and a third eye is depicted in her forehead. Several of the nine manifestations of Durga are in four armed form, and this manifestation is most probably the sixth manifestation, Maa Katyayani



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