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Object Name

Pot : urn : encrusted


Pot : urn : encrusted Rim bevelled inwardly and decorated with circular stabs arranged between two incised lines. Externally under the rim these circular stabs are repeated. The encrusted pattern begins with a narrow running chevron followed by diagonally positioned rectangular panels. The last zone of encrusted ornament is made up of widely-spaced stop ridges, linking the lower sides of the panels with the final cordon. The background of this design is filled with deeply scored lines, within the last zone arrange to form a herring-bone motif. To outline the base heavily scored diagonal lines are used again. The base is slightly splayed. Approximately 3cm below the rim two pairs of large holes with external diameters of 2cm perforate the vessel. These are not diametrically opposed. The ware is coarse with large grits. (Colour altered owing to subsequent chemical treatment).



Place Collected

Northern Ireland: County Tyrone: Loughash Td.: Giant's Grave
Giant's Grave

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National Museums NI